Loreto Municipal Police Station

Loreto was established by the Boholano settlers as early as 1847. It is originally called ‘’Mabua’’ because of  the  ever-foaming  river that runs right into the heart of the community. In 1881 the name ‘’ Barangay Mabua’’ was changed to its present name LORETO in honor of the wife of the Alcalde Mayor of the Province of Surigao. The First American Landing during WW II happened in Loreto, little was known about the so-called “Loreto Landing”.

The Municipality of Loreto,  belongs to the Province of Dinagat Island, Caraga Region, and it is located at the northern side of the mainland of Surigao del Norte. It has  25,587 hectares inhabited by 9,030 people and has a registered voters of 7, 157 as of 2015.  It has 10 barangays, 3 of which are island barangays.